St. Marys School Yala follows the 8-4-4 education system - a system that is most common in Kenyan schools. While admission is competitive, our admissions personnel vigorously support equality of opportunity. What they're looking for beyond the numbers is intellectual potential, strength of character, and love of learning. More specific requirements of the colleges are in the Web sites listed below.

St Mary’s Yala is recognized for producing the cream de la cream of Kenyan society. Most of the past and the current leaders in different spheres of life are proud members of St. Mary’s community. This includes ministers, priests, doctors, engineers, lecturers and teachers.

The school gives quality teaching and individual attention is given to the students. Many students from this institution gain places at various Kenyan universities both private and public. Others fit well in international universities. The school has been ranked in the best 100 schools in the republic several times.

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